International health insurance plans for expats in Italy

Integra Global offers the choice of four Global Health Plans. Whether you need an individual plan or family coverage, you will receive premium protection at an incredible value. 

Expats with regular stay permits, and their dependents, are entitled to the same access to public healthcare that Italian citizens receive. Despite this, expats often choose private health insurance for access to a wider choice of doctors, shorter waiting times, and the possibility of an English speaking doctor.

Integra plans offer:

  • Premium protection at incredible rates
  • Convenience: take advantage of Integra's local network
  • Simplicity: claims filing and payments are done for you

Integra’s plans are written in a clear language with the choice to opt for personal or premium health plans, depending on the extent of the coverage you need. Options including maternity care and 24/7 emergency medical assistance and evacuation mean expats can relax in the knowledge their health is fully protected.

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